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Froth Lyfe - Sailing Nandji

Froth Lyfe - Sailing Nandji

We had arrived travelling nationwide in your bus called Froth. After 2 yrs of the we thought what next. We are really not the type of humans that want a full time job, 2.5 kids plus a white picket fence. And then we bought Nandji. Sailing
Nandji is our Roberts 40 sloop cutter rigged yacht.
We love to everythin about the ocean. I love surf and Bonita enjoys having a crack on those smaller days. We have been both keen divers and love our spearfishing. So living on a yacht sailing sort of appeared like a logical idea.
This Youtube channel is all about our journey and our life living on Nandji. The globe just received a lot smaller... Follow us in mastering how to sail and enjoying the ocean whilst going through the coast of Australia and shortly overseas! Sailing

Post by great6barrier (2016-07-31 07:06)

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